WCHRI Partnership

In 2008, CUP partnered with WCHRI (Women and Children’s Health Research Institute) as a response to increasing importance of community-based research (CBR) and qualitative research (QR) methods in the health sciences. As a result, the CBR/QR Core Resources were developed to build capacity and provide support to WCHRI members. Recently, the Knowledge Translation (KT) was also added to WCHRI's core research platforms.

This partnership also supports the Patient and Community Engagement Training in Community-Based Research. The program offers students from all departments and disciplines an opportunity to develop interest and skills in community-based research in the areas of women and/or children’s health.

In addition, CUP and WCHRI developed a multitude of collaborations and working relationships. Mutual representation on organizational boards, drawing on CUP and WCHRI organizational expertise, input on mutually important decisions and scholarly collaborations are some of the activities that enhanced the capacity of each individual organization.

Contact:  Tatjana Alvadj, Research Coordinator, tatjana@ualberta.ca or 780-492-6431.

Visit the WCHRI website to learn more about their work www.wchri.org