Five Step Analysis: Step 5

Step 5: Asking for Permission

If the use of the work cannot be justified under Steps 1 through 4, permission from the rights-holder must be secured prior to using the work. Information on asking permission and clearing copyright, as well as clearance support services available to instructors, is available through the U of A Copyright Office.

If permission cannot be acquired or the rights-holder denies the request, you should consider selecting an alternate resource. For assistance finding a suitable replacement, contact your subject librarian.


Note regarding Citation and Notices

Acknowledgement of the author and publisher is required under most licences, direct permissions, or by law. Full academic citations, copyright, and terms of use notifications inform the reader of the source of the material and of how it may be used.

  • Academic Citation

Consistent with long-standing academic practice, attribution to the original author is necessary when reproducing the work of others. For information on academic citation styles see Citation Guides.

  • Copyright Notice

Along with citation, additional copyright notification specific to copyright compliance may be required under an exception, the terms of a licence, a transactional permission, or copying guidelines. These notices indicate the authority under which the copy was made and inform the recipient of the terms. When course materials are sent to the Copyright Office for a copyright compliance review, office staff will ensure the appropriate notifications are affixed to documents.


If you have any questions, please contact the U of A Copyright Office help desk at
Five Step Analysis for Using Copyright-protected Material