Gifting appreciated publicly traded securities — including shares, stocks, bonds and mutual funds — opens doors for students and researchers.

By transferring your securities directly to the University of Alberta, you can make a difference that matters while taking advantage of major tax benefits.

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full market value of the gift of publicly traded securities. Any capital gain will not be taxed — whereas 50% of the gain is taxable if you sell them and donate the proceeds. The tax credit can offset taxes owing on up to 75% of your taxable income in the year of the gift. Please note that this information reflects the tax rules as of August 1, 2023. These rules are set to change in January 2024. 

Benefits of making a gift of securities

  • Donate to the area that means the most to you
  • Receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of your gift
  • Transferring securities directly means capital gain is not taxed
  • Securities, bonds, mutual funds, warrants and options can all be donated 

How it Works

A U of A supporter donates securities valued at $50,000 (with a $40,000 capital gain):

  1. She receives a $50,000 tax receipt. *
  2. She receives a $25,000 tax credit. *
  3. She avoids paying $7,800 in tax on the capital gain.

* Tax credit depends on donor's income and specific circumstances

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My late husband, Richard Fedorak, was dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and he saw first-hand the impact donors have on the faculty. As graduates of the U of A, we felt a strong desire to give back, given what our education provided us in our professional lives. For me, setting up an endowment that focuses on student well-being has been a good fit to fulfill this desire.

Karen Grimsrud

Karen Grimsrud