Be part of something extraordinary: Giving Day 2024

U of A unleashes the power of community with its annual challenge to inspire as much support as possible for students.

Erik Einsedel - 1 May 2024

U of A faculty and staff are invited to be part of something extraordinary — a united effort to shape a brighter future for our students and our community by donating to Giving Day.

Giving Day is an annual university-wide event to raise funds for student supports and the many ways they make a difference — in just one day!

This year, up to a total of $100,000 will be matched, giving faculty, staff and donors like you an opportunity to double your impact on our students’ lives.

Augustana grad Robel Ng’ong’a (’23 BMgt) remembers just how much those student supports meant to him. He credits donor generosity for helping students focus on education and becoming his best self.

“The idea that someone else sacrificed to allow me to be the best version of myself really allowed me to see life through a different perspective,” he says. “To this day, I always look for ways to help people because of the people that have helped me.”

Giving Day contributions have a value beyond monetary donations — they become a catalyst for empowering students to excel, focus on their goals and pursue their purpose. When financial pressures are lifted, students become free to explore new ideas, engage the things they’re passionate about and do things that contribute to their wellness.

And you can be part of their success by sharing, donating or encouraging others to support Giving Day. 

For students like Heather Makinaw, those supports mean the difference between graduating or not. The Native Studies student credits the supports she received as having helped her mental health, especially during her last semester at school.

“Student supports changed the trajectory of my life immensely,” Heather says. “By getting the bursaries, I didn’t have to stress out about any financial worries. If I hadn’t received the student support, I may not have graduated this year.”

The impact of donor generosity can have a special significance especially for international students like Marieliv Flores Villalobos. Even the simple act of purchasing healthy food that reminds her of home has an important impact on her daily life.

“Being able to go to a Latin store and buy at least one item from the grocery helps me feel more connected to home,” Marieliv says. “On some days, especially when I’m feeling sad, that’s really helpful.”

Alberta School of Business grad Serena Myles (’16 BCom, ’22 MBA) understands that the full university experience goes beyond just the classroom and academics. Donor generosity affords students the time and space to gain extra skills, join clubs and teams, or volunteer for causes that mean the most to them.

“As a donor, you’re not just giving students financial support, you’re giving students the gift of time,” Serena says. “I donate because I want to help students have the experience that I did. They can do all the fun, magical things that university offers.”

For Campus St. Jean science student Theoxene Patipe Nawe, that gift of time allows him to coach younger kids basketball. Computer science student Yushu Zhang uses his time to give back by teaching skiing to people with disabilities.

“Having more support really helps me because I can be involved in my community, and do more coaching and volunteering,” Theoxene says.

“Every Saturday, I volunteer as a ski instructor for people with disabilities in the community,” Yushu says. “Without a scholarship, I wouldn’t have the time to do all these amazing things.”

When you give, you’re helping students succeed, focus their efforts and pursue their purpose. They can conduct additional research, gain extra skills, join clubs and teams, or volunteer for causes that mean the most to them and benefit our community. There are a variety of amazing areas to choose from that will turn your gifts into direct support for students and help enrich their university experience. 

Your generosity shapes the world. Support students on Giving Day and make a difference in our students’ lives!