Acute Knee Injury Clinic

The Acute Knee Injury Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic involving a team consisting of sports medicine and exercise physicians, orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists whose collective vision is to provide timely access to appropriate care for patients with an acute knee injury.

Patients will be assessed and arrangements will be made for any of the following as deemed necessary:

  • Advanced imaging (MRI is not required for referral)
  • Ongoing care by a sport medicine physician
  • Referral to physiotherapy
  • Referral to an orthotist for bracing
  • Referral to an orthopedic knee surgeon

The purpose of the clinic is to help triage patients by utilizing early diagnosis and treatment. Early rehabilitation is also provided to minimize deterioration of the knee structures after injury.

The Acute Knee Injury Clinic is now accepting referrals from ALL primary care physicians and physical therapists with a PRAC ID number.

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