ACL Injury Clinic

The ACL Clinic consists of a team that includes an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapists and an administrative secretary who work together to educate, assess, and provide rehabilitation and surgical treatment options for patients who suffered from an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

The ACL Clinic benefits patients:

  • Who are involved in sports that require pivoting, jumping and/or changing direction
  • Who have undergone appropriate rehabilitation after an injury and are on a home exercise program to maintain optimal function of the knee
  • Who have a sense of instability in the knee despite appropriate rehabilitation (e.g., signs of giving way and/or buckling)
  • Who are less than 17 years old

Referrals to the ACL Clinic can be made by a sports medicine and exercise doctor or a physical therapist from the Glen Sather Clinic.

Note: An MRI is not needed to be referred to the ACL Clinic.

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