Functional Agility and Strength Training (FAST) Knee Program

The Functional Agility and Strength Training (FAST) Knee Program is designed for individuals with previous knee injuries or surgeries. Individuals are assessed by a Glen Sather physiotherapist with specific training/expertise in knee anatomy and function. If deemed eligible, participants engage in progressive physiotherapy/kinesiology-led group exercises with specific, individualized strength and conditioning goals.

Classes run two times per week for six weeks and each six-week session is focused on specific functional goals – so you may progress through a number of six-week cycles.

Many of our previous participants come back for refreshers as the group has a great deal of fun!

To register, please speak with your Glen Sather physiotherapist or physician. If you are not currently seeing a Glen Sather clinician, please email with ‘FAST’ in the subject line and we will connect and explore options.

Level 1

Depending on your capabilities, the program begins with a focus on building the foundation of strength and flexibility by targeting muscles around the knee. These will also improve core, hip and ankle strength and mobility.

Level 2

From there, the focus shifts to early footwork, agility and running movement patterns. The next transition is to high impact activities (e.g. jumping, running) while maintaining adequate strength to return to activity. Reintroducing proper movement mechanics at this point will help prevent re-injury.

Level 3

The most advanced level introduces higher-risk movements like cutting, changing direction or single leg jumping. It may also integrate reaction time and sport specific training.