Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement

Under Section 58.4(1)(c) of the Labour Relations Code, is "the bargaining agent for academically-employed graduate students" and is to act with "exclusive authority" in representing graduate students in negotiating a Collective Agreement. The process is outlined in GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section Q: Collective Bargaining

The GSA bargains with Board of Governors' representatives, primarily the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), to negotiate out changes to salaries, benefits, and working conditions for academically-employed graduate students (such as Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, and Graduate Research Assistant Fellowships).

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Who is covered under the Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement (CA)?

  1. All graduate students holding assistantships:
    • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) (including Principal Instructors)
    • Graduate Research Assistants (GRA)
    • Graduate Research Assistant Fellowships (GRAF)
  2. Academically-Related Employment other than Assistantships (ARE):
    • Casual Academically-Related Employment

Note: Students who are funded through scholarships are NOT covered under the CA.

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