9.4 Code of Applicant Behaviour

Any person who believes that an applicant is guilty of an offence under the Code of Applicant Behaviour can initiate a complaint. Graduate student applicants fall under this Code. Most offences are connected to misrepresenting information on the application form or fraudulent transcripts or letters of recommendation. Offences include (but are not limited to) misrepresentation of facts or an applicant's status, misappropriation of University materials, documents, or other property, assisting a University of Alberta student in an act of cheating, plagiarism, etc. In the case of graduate applicants who have not yet been admitted or registered, complainants should communicate the particulars of the alleged offence to the Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

For more detailed information on the policy and procedure, refer to Code of Applicant Behaviour. This code is available at all times via the University Governance website.