In Photos: Interprofessional Education Pathway Launch

The purpose of the Interprofessional Education Pathway Launch is to introduce students to the foundations of interprofessional practice and education (philosophy, language, and expectations), to establish a common understanding of how interprofessional education and practice are integrated throughout their programs.

Photo credit to Laughing Dog Photography

On Sept. 22, 2023, the College of Health Sciences launched Interprofessional Education Pathways (IEP).

IEP is a college-wide effort involving multiple faculties from Health Sciences, including Kinesiology, Sport, and RecreationMedicine & DentistryNursingPharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Rehabilitation Medicine; and the School of Public Health. Professional organizations representing regulatory bodies and associations from these health disciplines modelled the collaborative culture of health to students. These professional organizations are also responsible for the professional standards of practice that support ethical, safe, and patient-centred care throughout the various disciplines.

More than 1,100 students, organized in cohorts, visited multiple booths to better understand how each profession worked with the others and the foundational principles of each organization's impact on collaborative practice. Students investigated further how reflective practice informs clinical reasoning, continuing professional development, and/or patient safety/quality improvement for these professions.

Thank you to the professional organizations that helped us with the launch and made it a success.

Alberta Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Alberta Association of Nurses 

Alberta Association of Physiotherapy 

Alberta College of Dental Hygienists 

Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists 

Alberta College of Occupational Therapists 

Alberta College of Pharmacy

Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association

Alberta Kinesiology Association

Alberta Pharmacists Association

Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association

Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

College of Acupuncturists of Alberta

College of Alberta Psychologists

College of Dietitians of Alberta

College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta

College of Medical Technologists of Alberta

College of Midwives of Alberta

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

College of Physiotherapists of Alberta

Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta