College Leadership

College Dean & Vice Provost

Brenda Hemmelgarn

College General Manager

Christine Ma

Executive Assistant, College Dean & Vice Provost and General Manager

Shelley McDonald

Executive Assistant, College Associate Deans

Julie Paterson

Office of Education (

Associate Dean, Education: Patricia (Trish) Manns
Director, Office of Education: Lihong Yang
Interdisciplinary Health Learning Instructor and CoordinatorTim Konoval

Office of Health Research (

Associate Dean, Health Research: Lawrence Richer
Research Projects Manager: Anelise Silveira
Research Data Analyst (Temp): Kai Zhang

Strategic Initiatives

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer: Alexandra Marshall


College STAFF

Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinators (

Katelyn Brown (Rehab Med, KSR, Pharm)
Megan Moore (Nursing, Public Health, Medicine & Dentistry)

Placement Administrators (

Carrie Andrewes (Medicine & Dentistry)
Sandra Gibson (Nursing)
Shannon Kowalchuk (Rehab Med, KSR)
Ruby Sutton (Public Health, Pharm, ALES/Dietetics)

Timetabling and Course Scheduling Coordinators

Tamie Heisler-Schafer (Rehab Med, Interprofessional Education)
Nancie Hodgson (Medicine & Dentistry)
Daniel Jin (Nursing)
Matt Nardella (Public Health, KSR, Pharm)


partnership Network

The partnership network in the College of Health Sciences connects our faculties and college with the U of A’s administrative expertise and resources.

Find your contact for alumni relations, communications and marketing, faculty development, finance, HR, IT, research and student services below:


Alumni Relations

Program Leads

Elise Hetu (KSR, Medicine & Dentistry)
Jodi Richter (Public Health, Nursing, Pharm, Rehab Med)

Communications and Marketing

Senior Communication & Marketing Service Partner

Shelby Soke 

Communications & Marketing Partners

Allie Voisin (Medicine)
Brigitte Rioux (Nursing, Public Health)
Tarwinder Rai (Rehab Med, KSR)
Nate Lam (Dentistry, Pharm)

Faculty Development

Director, Faculty Development

Daryl Silzer

Manager, FoMD

Kim Falconer

Senior Partners

Brianne Thomas (Nursing)
John Voyer (Rehab Med)
Franca Brodett (Pharm)
Julian Solberg (KSR)
Jacqui Andersen (Public Health)


Senior Finance Service Partners 

Wendy Nickolson (Medicine & Dentistry)
Bradley Neufeld (Interim)

Finance Partners

Ruma Daulay (KSR)
Clara Mtsigwah (Medicine & Dentistry)
Bradley Neufeld (Nursing, Rehab Med)
Maarij Ali (Medicine & Dentistry)
Jennifer Bernard (Medicine & Dentistry)
Margo Desmarais (Medicine & Dentistry)
Katie Singh (Medicine & Dentistry)
Dusty Pederson (Medicine & Dentistry) 
Andrea Smart (Medicine & Dentistry)
Peggy Scade (Medicine & Dentistry)
Elaine Thorne (Medicine & Dentistry)
Claudia Bosch (Medicine & Dentistry)
Karin Lu (Public Health, Pharm)


Senior HR Service Partner

Pam Averill

HR Partners

Wendy Dechant (KSR, Nursing, Health Sciences Council)
Tracy Saly (Pharmacy, School of Public Health)
Jerrie Andreasson-Richardson (Rehab Med, Medicine & Dentistry)
Cliff Anderson (Medicine & Dentistry)
Jessica Leaman (Medicine & Dentistry)
Kendra Brunt (Medicine & Dentistry)
Michelle Rowland (Medicine & Dentistry)
Ahmed Hussain (Medicine & Dentistry)


International Service Partner

Caroline Lawson


Senior IT Partner

Sherri Honeychurch


Senior Research Service Partner

Mark Taylor

Research Partners

Feiyue Akishyn (on leave until April 2024)

Lan Chan-Marples (Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation; School of Public Health)

Gareth Corry (Medicine & Dentistry - basic science depts.; Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences; CIHR programs)

Eric Deitch (Special projects)

Lindsay Komar (Nursing)

Robin Love (Medicine & Dentistry - clinical depts.; Rehabilitation Medicine; clinical research)

Angela McCormick (on secondment)

Student Services

Enrolment Management Service Partner

Craig Weston (College, Augustana, Faculty of Business)

Student Services Recruitment Partner

Oksana Feculak