Second Language Competency

CIL Second Language

To meet the language competency requirement, students must demonstrate at least moderate fluency in a second language.

How do I demonstrate moderate language fluency?

For the purposes of the CIL, moderate fluency is equivalent to 6 credits of language study at UAlberta. All 6 credits must be in one language.

I speak another language but I didn't learn it at UAlberta. Does it still count?

Yes. Beyond UAlberta language courses, there are various ways to fulfill the language competency requirement. They include:

  • Attending high school or another university in a language other than English
  • Receiving University credit for language study undertaken in high school
  • Completing a language immersion program

If you acquired a language through another means, please contact us at to discuss your specific situation.

How do I ensure my second language competency is recognized by the CIL?

Once you reach moderate competency, you need to make a language claim in the CIL Online Portal. For more information on making a claim, visit our Resources page.

Can I count the same second language courses as part of my CIL academic courses and for my second language competency?

No, you cannot count the same language courses twice.

However, if you are taking a language that is different from your claim for second language competency, and those courses are at the 200 level or higher, you can claim up to 9 CIL academic course credits.