Second Language Competency

CIL Second Language

To meet the language competency requirement, students must demonstrate at least moderate fluency in a second language.

How do I demonstrate moderate language fluency?

For the purposes of the CIL, moderate fluency is equivalent to 6 credits of language study at UAlberta. All 6 credits must be in one language.

I speak another language but I didn't learn it at UAlberta. Does it still count?

Yes. Beyond UAlberta language courses, there are various ways to fulfill the language competency requirement. They include:

  • Attending high school or another university in a language other than English
  • Receiving University credit for language study undertaken in high school
  • Completing a language immersion program

If you acquired a language through another means, please contact us at to discuss your specific situation.

How do I ensure my second language competency is recognized by the CIL?

Once you reach moderate competency, you need to make a language claim in the CIL Online Portal. For more information on making a claim, visit our Resources page.