CIL Resources

What could your CIL pathway look like? It depends on when you enroll in the program and how you choose to satisfy the program requirements. CIL advisors are here to help you make a plan for completion.

Meet our Advisors

Dr. Stefano Muneroni, Academic Director

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Dr. Muneroni can help by:
  • Explaining program requirements and suggesting possible paths to completion
  • Evaluating transfer courses and other course requests
  • Providing guidance on (and marking) your capstone project 
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Program Coordinator, Pat Laniuk
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Patricia is a proud Canadian alumna of UAlberta who is passionate about all things international. She holds two Bachelor degrees, first in Arts and then in Education. She enjoys meeting with and learning about people, languages and cultures from around the globe. A native Edmontonian, Pat has lived in Colombia, Mexico and the United States. She is eager to draw upon her firsthand insight into living and working abroad to support you in navigating your quest to earn a Certificate in International Learning. She invites you to explore, reflect and connect.
Your program coordinator can help by:
  • Explaining program requirements and suggesting possible paths to completion
  • Assessing previous experience to determine if they count toward the CIL
  • Answering questions related to the program schedule (i.e. important dates and deadlines) or CIL-specific events (i.e. Orientation, Intercultural Communication Training, Capstone Presentations)
  • Assisting with claims and concerns with the CIL Online Portal

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Make Claims on the CIL Online Portal

Once you've enrolled in the CIL, you have a profile on the CIL online portal. This is where you can track your progress and make claims for the requirements you have completed.

You are responsible to make claims for components of the CIL that you have completed. We will not know that you have completed a requirement unless you make a claim.

Make your Orientation claim first, because you are unable to submit any other claims until you have submitted and had your Orientation claim approved.

Once you make a claim, the CIL office will review and either approve it, ask for more information, or deny it. Please review the online portal claim instructions to ensure your claims are submitted correctly.

Important dates and deadlines

September 30 - enrolment deadline (enroll by September 30 of your third year)

For June grads (coursework completed in December or April)

For November grads (coursework completed in August):

Paths to the CIL

Here are a few ways that you could progress through the program. These are only a few examples. We encourage you to make a map of your own!

Example One

Certificate in International Learning path option

Example Two
Certificate in International Learning path option two

Example Three