DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

DAAD offers many scholarships for students to study or do research in Germany, including the Study Scholarship and the Research Grant programs:

1. Study Scholarships are offered for a Full Master's degree program at a German University or for study at a German university as part of postgraduate or Master's degree programs completed in Canada.  Application instructions can be found here. Please note that only current U of A students should apply via the internal competition, graduated students may apply for the general competition. 

2. One-Year Research Grants are awarded to candidates who have completed a Master's degree, postdocs, individuals wishing to earn a doctoral degree in Germany, or in exceptional cases those with a Bachelor's degree by the time they begin their grant-supported research. Application instructions can be found here
Application Instructions

As a DAAD partner university, the University of Alberta can nominate up to two priority candidates for the Study Scholarship and/or One-Year Research Grant. Students applying for the Study Scholarship and/or One-Year Research Grant should send their application and all supporting documentation (including reference letters) to Markus Vuorensola, Scholarship Coordinator at eapaward@ualberta.ca by the internal deadline date, October 16th, 2023, in order to be considered as a priority candidate (please note that Markus will be away from October 6th to 15th, so application completedness will be reviewed on and after the 16th).
Applicants in the artistic fields (Fine Art, Design, Film, Music and Performing Arts) and for Short-Term Research Grants should send their applications directly to DAAD.
Review of applications is based on the following criteria provided by DAAD:
1) General and subject-related preparedness, and suitability of the applicant
2) Subject-related quality, preparation, and feasibility of the proposal
3) Reasons for wanting to study/conduct research in Germany
4) Quality of reference/recommendation letter

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students interested in applying for the internal competition should NOT submit their application on the DAAD portal prior to the University's internal deadline, as you will not be able to make changes to your application after it's been submitted.You will be able to download your application documents off the DAAD portal to submit by the internal deadline. 
The Study Scholarship application form also cannot be downloaded from the DAAD portal, so will not need to be submitted in your application package, although all other application items will need to be provided.

Students interested in applying should send an email to Markus Vuorensola, Scholarship Coordinator at eapaward@ualberta.ca to arrange a virtual meeting in regards to the application process. Please note that Markus will be away from October 6th to 15th so a meeting should be arranged prior to that time. 

For more information on other DAAD scholarships, please visit the DAAD site here.