Applying for the MINT Program

Before starting your application, please review the admission requirements for the University of Alberta Master of Science in Internetworking program.

 You may notice in your application that it asks for a Capstone Project Proposal, this is no longer required. 


Application Opens

The application system opens on October 1, 2023 for Fall 2024 admissions (there is no January 2024 intake).  This program is very competitive so you are encouraged to apply early.  We will have two rounds of admissions.  

The "first round" (called the early bird) will be for applicants who apply and have their application fully completed (see below for important information about applying) by the end of November.  These will be reviewed in early December and decisions will be out by early January.  

The "second round" is for applications that are fully complete (see below for important information about applying) between December 1, 2023 and our deadline (see application closes information below). These applications will be reviewed in early March and decisions will be out by the end of March in most cases.

Application Closes

  • February 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm.

How to apply

Please follow these instructions on how to apply using The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's application system.

Important Information about applying: 

In order for an application to be complete you must provide ALL documents as requested by the system. When applying please read carefully about what is needed and ensure you upload documents that meet the criteria.

Please do not upload high school documents as they are not needed.

Ensure you have confirmed with your referees that they can provide the reference letter within two weeks of receiving the email notification and also make sure you have entered their email addresses properly. 

From India and Pakistan, we required Individual Mark Sheets in addition to the consolidated transcript.

All transcripts from all universities must include the marking/grading scheme.