"I like the hands-on approach of the MINT courses at University of Alberta. MINT program provides high-standard lab environment and theoretical courses, allowing students to acquire the latest networking knowledge and hands-on experience. On top of that, MINT program provides Python and C programming courses that are significant for students to improve their coding abilities to get accustomed to the market requirements. The most important thing for me is that MINT offers a variety of projects that you can select in accordance with your interests that can effectively enhance your project experience." -Yiqiao Yu Software Engineer at Cisco System, Inc. working in Canada

"The MINT program gave me the opportunity to further my education and knowledge of complex technical concepts, with flexible evening and weekend courses, which allowed me to continue working while completing my degree." -Terry Short Associate Chair - Bachelor or Applied Information Systems Technology, Canada

"The MINT program of UAlberta prepared me well for my current position. I found welcoming classmates, engaged faculty, in the MINT department. My Master's in Internetworking at UAlberta has opened doors for me in higher circles, too The only thing that surprised me was how quickly I found a job in CISCO." -Uzair Rehman Software Engineer III Cisco R&D Country: Pakistan, now working in Canada

"As an experienced professional, I was impressed by the MINT Msc. Program. In depth theoretical approach and high academic standards, backed by intensive labs using cutting edge telco hardware, top qualified staff committed to helping students." -Cosmin Florian Dinu Sr. IT engineer, CenturyLink Cloud, Romania, now working in Canada

"After working for two years as a Network Engineer in India, I was looking forward to learn new technologies and also to move to the next level in my professional career. MINT program at University of Alberta was the right match for experienced network engineers providing an in-depth knowledge in computer networking and programming. I am happy that I chose MINT, which eventually helped me fetch a job in Canada." -Sushil Ranganathan Systems Analyst, Network Operations Celero Solutions Inc. India, now working in Canada

"MINT program is characterized by its diversity and insight in disciplines of cutting-edge technologies. Complementing my professional experience, the program developed expertise with hands-on training and strengthened foundation by delivering a rich understanding of advanced technology integration in an inter-disciplinary lens. The faculty stands in high regard mentoring students pursuing a challenging and elevated position in the industry." -Syed Shayan Perwaiz Network and Security Architect Capital Power Corporation, Pakistan, now working in Canada

"MINT is one of the most intriguing technical program at University of Alberta. It was my pleasure that I got the opportunity to attend this course, I was able to gain essentials skills to survive and compete in today's competitive world. Hands-on experience in LAB sessions are great source of knowledge and all the guidance from all my instructors inside or outside of the class really made my course completion a great experience with a satisfaction that I have achieved an important milestone in my life for success." -Shashank Wasnik System Administrator Bee clean Building Maintenance LTD, India, now working in Canada

"The courses offered in the MINT program along with lab work in combination to the real world approach to solving various networking challenges allowed me to excel as an architect in my career. MINT always chooses the best hand-picked faculty members to offer practically compiled courses. I am proud to be part of the first MINT batch." -Juned Noonari Manager Solution Architect Network Design and Integration Fujitsu Network Communications ,Canada

"The MINT Program played a key role in advancing my career. The program enhanced my prior knowledge of networking and engineering basics, helped me develop critical thinking and ability to think outside of the box. The MINT degree coupled with industry certifications play a key role for success in my current role of Senior Security Advisor with Alberta Energy." -Harpreet Malhi Senior Security Advisor Alberta Energy, Canada