Masters degree program

Our students are the network engineers of tomorrow

The University of Alberta Master of Science in Internetworking (MINT) program is a two-year, fully-accredited, course-based graduate degree program jointly offered by our Faculties of Engineering and Science through their Departments of Computing Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

This innovative professional program - offered by one of Canada's top universities - will provide you with the up-to-date technical knowledge, advanced problem solving skills and the industry experience needed to lead large-scale Internet project teams and, develop the architectures for complex network implementations. Our intensive weekend format also means you can keep working full or part-time while studying in our program.*

So, if you interested in:

  • Leading large-scale Internet project teams
  • Immediate employment and IT career advancement opportunities
  • Pursuing a Master's degree while being able to continue working full-time
  • Keeping the world connected and developing cutting edge technologies to make this happen
  • Developing architectures for complex network implementation

Find out now whether you meet our entry requirements or contact us for more information.

After graduating from our MINT program, you will be armed with the most current technology training and experience within the Internetworking industry.

*Our schedule is designed to work with the needs of working professionals from Canada and overseas. Each course is delivered over three alternate weekends (one weekend in class followed by one weekend off), making it convenient for people to travel to and from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for study and causing minimal interruption to full or part-time employment.