Faculty Bios

Meet the professors of the UofA's MINT graduate degree program:

Paul Lu

Associate Professor, focuses on all aspects of high-performance computing, most notably parallel and distributed systems. His research program centres on systems software and he is also interested in operating system issues with gigabit networks. One of his current areas of study is the area of parallel programming systems.

Mike MacGregor

Professor and MINT Director, specializes in devices and networks for data communication. He is interested in the design, analysis, and performance of the components used to create networks as well as in the architecture of networks themselves (particularly all-optical networks and efficient algorithms for near-optimal design). His current research includes memory behaviour of forwarding algorithms, locality of IP traffic streams, IP, and multilayer restoration and new services for active networks.

Chintha Tellambura

Associate Professor, is an Associate Editor (modulation and signal design) for the IEEE Transactions on Communications and for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. His research interests include communication theory, modulation and coding, diversity techniques and fading, multicarrier communications and broadband wireless communications.

Under the guidance and direction of this exemplary team, your Master of Science in Internetworking graduate education will present exciting opportunities for IT career advancement and professional fulfillment.