Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Alberta's Master of Science in Internetworking (MINT) degree an accredited graduate degree?

Yes, the University of Alberta is a fully accredited university. The Master of Science in Internetworking degree is a course-based Master's degree awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and recognized around the world.

Where do I mail my documents?

During the application procedure we do not require hard copy documents. If a student is admitted, information will be in the admission letter regarding hard copy documents.

Is the GRE required for this program?

No, we do not require a GRE.

Is there any financial aid from the university or teaching assistant positions for students in this program?

Unfortunately there is not. This is a cost recovery program and therefore these types of funding are not available.

Can I work on or off campus while studying in this program?

Yes, please check this link

Thank you for your interest in the UofA MINT program. If this page does not answer your questions about obtaining a Master of Science in Internetworking degree, please contact our program office.