Program Structure

Our program is mainly targeted at working professionals. Classes are scheduled in intensive weekend format so that you can maintain regular weekday employment.

Some MINT students attend our graduate degree program on a part-time basis, while others attend as full-time students to accommodate student loans, visas and / or working while learning.

Overview of the MINT Master's Degree Program

Your graduate education will be gained from experts in all practical and theoretical aspects of Internetworking, and reinforced by exercises in the lab.

Students enroll in MINT's core courses as a cohort, which provides an opportunity to progress together while meeting peers, future co-workers and sources of specialized information. Within this structure, graduates have access to their own network of experts in the field of Internetworking.

Year One:

The MINT Master's degree program begins with the basics of data communication and works up to advanced management and analysis techniques. The curriculum consists of five core courses in the first year, plus a MINT option can be taken to bring students to full time status. There is also usually a summer "boot camp" for those interested in working on various industry certifications.

Year Two:

In the second year, MINT students select two or three MINT electives (this depends on how many are taken in Year 1). Students must also complete the capstone project course. The electives allow you to choose topics of greatest interest or those most relevant to your education or employment. Experienced professionals who have first-hand industry knowledge teach our elective courses. The capstone project course involves using your new knowledge to address a real-world problem currently faced by the Internetworking industry.