Convocation Profile: Colin McGuinness

From theory to practice, MA graduate Colin McGuinness takes his education to the tourism industry

Nicole Graham - 19 November 2019

After completing an undergraduate degree in international management and spending several years to the work force, recent Master of Arts graduate Colin McGuinness continued his educational journey in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation studying the economic impact of sporting events. He now looks forward to a long career in the sport tourism field.

What brought you to the University of Alberta, specifically the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation?

I started working full time at the University of Alberta in 2014 after two years with the Government of Alberta. I had looked into doing an MBA part time, but my ultimate goal was to work in sports, so I was more drawn to sport related subjects. I discovered the course-based MA program through KSR and connected with Dr. Tom Hinch, a renowned researcher in the field of sport tourism. The basis of my capping project for my degree was looking at the economic impact of sporting events.

When you reflect on your time at UAlberta, what has been one of the most significant events/memories you have?

Attending the Sports Events Congress in Halifax in 2018 and in Ottawa in 2019. Sports Events Congress is the largest annual gathering of professionals connected to the sport tourism industry in Canada.

Where are your post-graduation plans?

I have recently relocated to BC and am now working for Tourism Kelowna leading the Business Development for Sports and Events. We have some exciting major events coming up including the 2020 Memorial Cup. I am also consulting with the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance on Economic Impact studies of sports events across Western Canada, including at the upcoming Grey Cup Festival in Calgary.

Where do you envision your degree/career taking you?

I am looking forward to continuing to develop as a Sport Tourism Professional and helping Kelowna establish itself as a premiere sport hosting destination.

Do you have any advice for students considering coming to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation to take a Masters or Post-doctoral degree?

Know what your goals are and be intentional in your pursuit of them. Whether you want to work in academia or industry, seek out opportunities to learn from others and connect to your field beyond your research. Remember to enjoy the process and take time to connect with your peers by attending Faculty social events and those hosted by the Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Graduate Student Society.