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Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation Graduate Student Society

"Enhancing social, athletic and academic opportunities for graduate students"

Mission Statement

The Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Graduate Student Society (KSRGSS) is a graduate student organization designed to provide academic, social, and athletic opportunities for the graduate students in Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation. KSRGSS strives to promote, provide, and organize professional and academic support for its members. In addition, the organization acts as a mediator between the Faculty and graduate students.

Volunteer Activities

If you are looking for volunteers for a Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation or UAlberta-related event, send us an email at and we may be able to advertise for you!

Printing Services

If you require printing service at the printer in the third flood grad lounge (VVC- 3-219), please contact our secretary Janita at

KSRGSS Suggestion Form

This suggestion box is a convenient way to ask questions and/or voice your concerns on issues related to your experience as a graduate student in the Faculty of KSR. Your input will be important for KSRGSS to understand the issue and to communicate with the faculty in finding a solution. Click HERE to view the form.

Record Sheet

KSRGSS Executive Members

 Chen Chen

President: Chen Chen

Chen Chen is a fifth-year PhD student. After earning two degrees in journalism at Renmin University of China in Beijing, China, he continues to pursue his interest in sport and society, deeply rooted in concerns for social justice. He currently works with Dr. Dan Mason and his research addresses issues related to colonial legacy and knowledge production in sport. In his spare time, Chen enjoys reading, participating in grass-roots community events, and travelling to better understand other people and their lives. While Chinese Mandarin is his mother tongue and he uses English for research, he also speaks Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

 DongWoo Kang

Co-coordinator of Professional Development: Derek (Dong-Woo) Kang

Dong-Woo is a fourth-year PhD student in the Behavioural Medicine Lab under the supervision of Dr. Kerry Courneya, studying the impacts of exercise in cancer patients. He is from Seoul, South Korea and did his BSc in KIN and MSc in Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation at Yonsei University. He also studied at San Francisco State University as an exchange student and worked at a cancer hospital as a clinical exercise physiologist. Dong-Woo was a competitive Taekwondo athlete and he loves playing soccer and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Contact for any PD inquires and ideas.

Julienne Cancio\

VP ReCon: Julienne Cancio

Julienne is a second-year master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Kerry Mummery. Her research explores the relationship between physical activity, exercise, and mental health, particularly how psychiatrists utilize physical modalities in the treatment of depression. When Julienne is not wandering around UHall, she enjoys anything food- related and is likely baking at home or hunting down delicious food spots. She believes ReCon is a unique conference that allows students and faculty to build meaningful relationships with each other, which strengthens our faculty community. You can get in touch with Julienne about ReCon 2019 at

Kurtis Pankow


Treasurer: Kurtis Pankow

Kurtis is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Nick Holt, and his research looks at how we can promote mental well-being in coaches and athletes through university sport. He has been coaching football for 10 years, and currently coaches defensive line with the University of Alberta Golden Bears football team. He also does mental skills work with the Edmonton Eskimos. You can reach him at






Communications: Colin McGuinness

Colin is a first-year Master’s student studying sport tourism with Dr. Tom Hinch. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Lethbridge. Colin spends a lot of time on campus because he also works at the U of A Career Centre. When not in class or at work, he likes to manage his multiple fantasy sports teams, snowboard, golf, play slo-pitch and travel. Colin joined KSRGSS to stay connected with the Faculty and fellow graduate students. You can contact Colin at





NEW Danielle

Social and Recreation Coordinator: CJ Blye

Clara-Jane (CJ) is a first year PhD Student who is passionate about the outdoors and the natural environment. Working with Dr. Elizabeth Halpennny, CJ is able to explore both the provincial and national parks within Alberta and around the country. Her work focuses on environmental behaviours of park users and connecting new Canadians to our natural areas. Hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, trail racing; anything that can be done the wilderness are CJ’s favorite activities, when she is not at school she either in the River Valley with her dog Bruce Wayne or in the mountains exploring. Joining the KSRGSS executive team was an easy choice, CJ loves to be involved in all aspects of campus life and connecting with fellow students. Contact CJ about all your social event ideas at:


Secretary: Janita Frantsi

Janita is a third-year master's student passionate about dance, friends, and, of course, KSRGSS! She came all the way from Finland to do her master's degree here at the U of A under the supervision of Dr. Pirkko Markula. In her studies, she focuses on dance and mindful movement practices from the sociocultural perspectives. The purpose of her thesis research is to use a sociocultural approach to create purposeful training practices for contemporary dancers through Pilates. When Janita is not in a dance class or writing her thesis, she's probably hanging out with friends, instructing group fitness classes, snowboarding or hiking in the mountains or baking something super sweet. Janita loves to be involved, hang out with fellow grad students and help out whenever needed! As the secretary of KSRGSS, she coordinates the grad printing so if you want to have it set up or have any other questions or concerns, just shoot a message to


Co-coordinator of Professional Development:Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter is a third-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Carson. Stephen’s research interests include the ecological factors that influence physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and how these behaviours impact health in children aged 0-18 years.

Carminda Lamboglia

International Student Liaison: Carminda Lamboglia

Carminda is a second year PhD student in the Sedentary Living Lab under the supervision of Dr. John C. Spence. Her research interests are related to the physiology effects of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour. Carminda is from Brazil and as a Brazilian; she loves sunny and hot days. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, running, and hiking. She joins KSRGSS executive to support and advocate for a meaningful study experience for international and domestic graduate students. You can contact Carminda at

Maddy Preddy

Fundraising: Maddy Preddy

Maddy is a first year Master’s student in the Behavioural Epidemiology Lab under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Carson. Maddy’s research interests include physical activity and outdoor play policies, and the roles these policies have on children’s overall physical activity levels and their health. In her spare time Maddy is happiest when surrounded by the mountains, usually on long hikes, curling up with a hot cup of coffee and indulging in a good read on Nordic culture, or daydreaming about her next travel destination.


Dallas Ansell KSRGSS

Member at large: Dallas Ansell

Dallas is a second year Master’s student in the Master of Coaching program under the supervision of Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere. He has coached a number of sports over the last 10 years - including hockey, soccer, and goalball - and now works with the Golden Bears Hockey program under the coaching mentorship of Ian Herbers. His research interests center around the factors that allow athletes to learn through their sporting experiences. In addition to his sporting commitments, Dallas enjoys hiking and camping and has achieved his lifelong goal to play guitar around a campfire. If you want to have a chat, play a sport, or try an instrument, you can reach Dallas at

Porro Chan KSRGSS

Member at large: Porro Chan

Porro is a first year Masters of Coaching student with Panda's Soccer under the supervision of Head Coach Liz Jepsen and Dr. Billy Strean. He graduated with a Masters of Accounting from New York University and subsequently worked in the city all the while continuing to find an outlet for physical growth and expression that he has missed from collegiate soccer in Olympic weightlifting. Through the perspective of individual sport, he became interested in using physicality as an engine for personal growth. Now, at University of Alberta, his aim is to continue learning about high performance coaching and athlete development.

Member at large: Corey Kuzik

Corey is a third year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Carson. Corey’s dissertation topic involves sleep, sedentary behaviour, and physical activity in children under 5 years of age. Beyond research, Corey likes to play basketball, go hiking, and walk his dog Marcus MacGruff.


Andria Morielli

Member at large: Andria Morielli

Andria is a third year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Kerry Courneya. She is studying the effects of exercise on rectal cancer patients’ quality of life, symptoms, cancer treatments, and their recovery from these treatments. Outside of her studies, Andria enjoys swimming, hiking, and long walks with her rescue dog, Bella.


Member at large: Julia Froese

Julia has a passion for leisure and meaning-making, specifically in the context of those experiencing grief. These research interests have motivated her to become a researcher and professor who has the opportunity to influence both community practice and students in meaningful ways, which has led her to the UofA. Today, Julia is a second year PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Lisa McDermott and Dr. Yoshi Iwasaki. Some of Julia’s interests outside of academia include travelling, snowboarding, running, and going out with friends.