Program Planning and Registration

Master's Thesis and Doctoral
Master's Course-Based

Registration, and Tuition and Fees Deadline: Visit the University Calendar for the current Academic Schedule.

Master's Thesis and Doctoral

• 9 credits per term combination of courses and thesis - FT status

  • One course is usually 3 credits
  • Thesis (THES) 903 = 3 credits
  • Thesis (THES) 906 = 6 credits
  • Thesis (THES) 909 = 9 credits
  • Thesis + courses = 9 credits


  • FGSR automatically registers thesis students in Thesis 906 for Spring and Summer Terms
  • This maintains your full-time status and calculates the program fees for both terms

Thesis based students who are admitted and register full-time must register full-time for the remainder of their program (FGSR Graduate Program Manual; Section 6.10)

2, 4 month terms of full time registration required; maximum of 4 years to complete

Doctoral: 2 years of full time registration required; maximum of 6 years to complete

  • All program requirements (course work, candidacy exam, ethics requirement), other than the thesis, must be completed within three years of the commencement of a student's program.
  • Doctoral students who have not met their program requirements within three years must apply for an extension. Visit Student Resources / Program Extensions for more informatio

Master's Course-based

Full time: minimum of 9 credits
Part time: 3 or 6 credits

  • Can switch between full time and part time registration
  • Minimum is one term of registration per calendar year (September 1 - August 31)
  • Exception: full time registration is required to hold a Graduate Assistantship
  • Maximum of 6 years to complete degree