Ethics and Professional Development Requirements

A minimum of eight (8) hours of ethics and academic integrity training is mandatory for all newly-admitted UAlberta graduate students who started their degree program on or after September 1, 2004. Students admitted September 2016 and onwards are also required to complete the UAlberta Professional Development Requirement, which consists of eight (8) hours of Professional Development Activities and the Individual Development Plan (IDP).

  • Students are required to provide evidence of their course completions and activities to the Graduate Program Office prior to convocation
  • Students are to keep track of the number of hours, activities and the IDP they completed as it will be their responsibility to ensure this requirement is fulfilled prior to convocation and the below noted deadlines (IDP)
  • Students can re-take the sessions, but they will not receive credit more than once for the same session

Professional Development


For students in Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation the following activities will address the ethics requirement in a combination of the following:

1. GET (Graduate Ethics Training) - a web-based course offered by the FGSR (equivalent to five hours of training). Note: the certificate of completion and the course grade results are to be submitted to Graduate Program Administrator's office.

2. Department-based workshops, seminars, tutorials, etc.

3. Students who take KSR 580 or KSR 581 are eligible for 3 hours of credit toward the Graduate Ethics Training requirement of their degree.

  • The Certificate of Completion of Graduate Ethics Training form can be found in the Forms and Handbooks.
  • Submit the signed form to the Graduate Office immediately upon completion of the course to be kept on file. Failure to do so will result in no guarantee of the professor confirming your eligibility of having met this requirement later on in your program i.e. 1 -2 years down the road.

4. FGSR's Professional Development sessions:
Students are required to sign the attendance sheet and must stay the duration of the session for credit. Note students will only receive credit once for each session attended.

  • Code of Student Behaviour - 1.5 hrs
  • Plagiarism - 1.5 hrs
  • Intellectual Property - 1.5 hrs
  • Student-Supervisor Conflict Resolution - 1.5 hrs
  • Copyright and How it Applies to Graduate Students- 1.5 hrs
  • Ethics in Teaching- 1.5 hrs
  • The 'Ism's In Teaching: How to Deal with Sensitive Issues Such as Racism, Genderism, Sexism and so on in your Classroom- 1.5 hrs

5. The following modules available through

  • Academic and Research Integrity - 1 hour
  • Intellectual Property: An Entrepreneur's Guide - 1 hour
  • Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism - 1 hour

6. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Ethics and Scientific Integrity Day - Credit 5 Hours
Students must attend the entire session to receive the full 5 credits. Note that students can only attend ESI Day on a one time basis and will only receive 5 hours of credit once.

7. FGSR's additional resources
Students can choose any of the other options as long as it's not outside of their area of research. i.e., do not complete Ethical Use of Animals if you will never work with animals.

8. If Ethics Training was completed in a previous degree at this university, students may use this to satisfy the eight required hours for their current degree. Consult the Graduate Programs Office for confirmation.

Professional Development

For students in Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation the following training will address the professional development requirement in a combination of the following. Students are responsible for tracking their hours by using FGSR's Individual Development Plan & Professional Development Completion Form, which must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office by the deadlines noted below (the same form is to be handed in twice for each requirement).


1. Individual Development Plan (IDP) available on FGSR's website.

Students must submit the IDP for their program of studies within 12 months of the program's commencement for master's students and within 18 months of the program's commencement for doctoral students.

2. 8 hours of Professional Development Activities

PD activities must be completed within the first 3 years for almost all doctoral students and time of completion for master's students.

  • ReCon's (the Faculty's annual graduate student retreat and conference) Professional Development sessions. Students must register for the conference and attend the sessions in full to claim completed hours.
  • Certain PERGSS Professional Development sessions. Students must attend the sessions in full to claim completed hours.
  • Sessions offered through FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Program
  • Other seminars, sessions or completion of online courses. Visit FGSR's website for information on what can be considered and cannot be considered towards the 8 hours.