PhD Graduate Program Requirements Checklist

The below guidelines are to be followed for exams and convocation. Students must complete all steps before the graduate student convocation deadlines in order to convocate.
1. Appointment of Supervisor

a. Form completed by Graduate Office and submitted to FGSR shortly after new students' program start date.

2. Appointment of Supervisory Committee (at end of first year of program)

a. Complete the FGSR's Appointment of Supervisor(s) and Supervisory Committee form

b. Refer to the FGSR's Examining Committees Checklist for committee membership requirements

3. Report of Supervisory Committee Meeting

a. Annual supervisory committee meetings are to be held, and the meetings are to be documented using the Report of Supervisory Committee Meeting, Appendix I of KSR Graduate Program Manual

4. Candidacy Examination (by end of third year of program)

a. Complete FGSR's Notice of Examining Committee and Examination Date form (four weeks prior to oral examination)

b. Complete FGSR's Report of Completion of Candidacy Examination form. Notify the Associate Dean if exam is a Conditional Pass.

c. Following Proposal Meeting complete Working Agreement form, Appendix E of KSR Graduate Program Manual

5. Graduate Student Ethics Training (GET) and Professional Development Requirement

a. Ensure GET certificates are on file with the Graduate Programs Office

b. Ensure FGSR's Individual Development Plan & Professional Development Completion Form is on file with the Graduate Programs Office (mandatory for students admitted September 2016 and onwards)

6. Final Doctoral Oral Examination (by the end of year six)

a. At least three months prior to the expected final examination, complete FGSR's Approve External Reader or Examiner for Final Doctoral Oral Exam form

b. At least five weeks prior to the intended date of the final oral examination, complete the Final Doctoral Examination Preliminary Acceptance of the PhD Thesis form (Appendix G of KSR Graduate Program Manual)

c. At least four weeks prior to the intended date of the final examination, complete FGSR's Notice of Examining Committee & Examination Date form.

d. At least three weeks prior to the final examination, the Graduate Programs Administrator sends the Notice of Examining Committee & Examination Date form to the FGSR.

e. Bring FGSR's Thesis Approval/Program Completion form to the final oral and secure signatures (withholding supervisor's signature until required changes are completed).

7. Thesis Requirements and Preparation

a. Check FGSR's thesis submission and registration deadlines. Students are to follow their thesis formatting guidelines and other information for finalizing a thesis. The absences of page numbers as well as an incorrect degree name are common reasons for a thesis to be rejected from the university's thesis repository, ERA. Please read FGSR's Thesis Requirement and Preparation for more information.

NOTE: The only applicable degree specialization is "Recreation and Leisure Studies" for the MA degree. KSR's areas of research are not to be listed as a specialization (ex. Adapted Physical Activity, Behavioural Medicine, Sport Psychology, etc.)

Please refer to Resources for Supervisors for additional information.

Note: All forms should be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office.