Master of Arts

BARST Degree Program

The Masters of Arts (MA) degree prepares students for a wide range of career possibilities in health, kinesiology, recreation and sport management.

Thesis and course-based Masters degrees are offered in this program. Both are student-centered and research-oriented, offering individualized programs of study. With the guidance of a supervisor, students choose courses based on their area of interest and goals. The thesis route places more focus on the development of research skills. Please note our graduate degrees are not offered via distance education at this time.

Interdisciplinary opportunities

Our programs take advantage of our professors' collaborative and interdisciplinary research activities. Students will have the opportunity to take courses and extend their academic and professional networks beyond those in our own faculty.

As a MA student you will:

  • Foster your ability to do high quality, scientifically rigorous research in your discipline
  • Expand your understanding of concepts, theories and practices in your discipline
  • Receive the knowledge base and skills to analyze and evaluate programs, policies, environmental issues, and organizational structures related to applied health sciences
  • Enhance your abilities to apply and disseminate new knowledge and practices to colleagues, practitioners, policy makers/analysts, and other professionals in applied health sciences
  • Gain in-depth training, knowledge and research experience while also benefiting from the broad, cross-disciplinary approach in this program

MA Program Requirements


What can I do with a MA degree?

The MA degree prepares you for an advanced career in a wide range of settings related to sport, recreation and kinesiology. You will have advanced knowledge of the area that you focus on with your supervisor, as well as an advanced professional capacity in the form of analytical, evaluation and program planning, research, writing, and time management skills. You may wish to work in a research centre or an advanced coaching setting. Perhaps shaping health and recreation policies is where you see yourself. What you can do is largely dependent on your focus of study, the opportunities you take advantage of for professional connections, and your personal vision.

Who can apply for the MA?

Canadian and international students may apply. You must have a four year undergraduate degree in physical education, kinesiology, recreation or another related degree, and be proficient in English. Learn more about detailed admission requirements and how to apply.

Do I need to know before I apply who I would like my academic supervisor to be?

Yes. Acceptance into the MA Thesis or Course based program is contingent upon having an academic supervisor. Therefore, before you apply you must identify and contact a potential academic supervisor from the Faculty's list of Professors

How much does the degree cost and is there financial support available?

The following links provide details concerning the tuition and fees to complete the MA. In terms, of financial support from the Faculty, a number of possibilities exist, including funding as a teaching or research assistant or a principal instructor.

How long will it take for me to complete my degree?

On average a MA thesis based degree will take 2.5 to 3 years to complete with 4 years being the maximum time for completion. A MA course-based degree varies due to many taking this as a part-time, and 6 years being the maximum time for completion.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Contact Graduate Student Programs at

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