International Practicum

Documentations Required for International Placements

All students who have arranged an approved international experience must provide the following documentation to Practicum Instructor/Supervisor prior to departure:

• Passport
• Extended Medical insurance coverage, including emergency medical evacuation
• Visa (from host country) if required
• Emergency contact information (e.g. Parents)
• Security Clearance Check (if required)
• Proof of Vaccinations
• Letter of Acceptance from the Sponsoring Agency
• Detailed position description from the Sponsoring Agency
• Travel Itinerary (departure return dates, flight numbers, etc.)
• Signed U of A Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity
Agreement (available from Practicum Instructor)
• Copy of your Confirmation that you are Registered with Consular Affairs, Government of Canada
(Bon Voyage Canada - )
• Produce confirmation that you attended a Pre-Departure Orientation - International
Education Abroad Session- check the event calendar for sessions being offered
• Download the Education Abroad Student Handbook