Ethics Requirement

All graduate programs in Linguistics require 8 hours of certified ethics training. Students can get this training by completing the requisite number of hours through approved on-line training courses. Students conducting their own research with human subjects must also receive Ethics Approval from the University of Alberta Research Ethics Board. An approval letter will count towards one hour of the ethics training requirement.

Ethics training credits are typically earned through:

Ethics training from other sources may be accepted with Departmental approval. The Department requires documentation of Ethics Training to be submitted to the Graduate Administrator. PhD students who have completed a Masters Degree at the University of Alberta previously and fulfilled their Ethics Requirement as part of that degree are considered to have completed their Ethics Training.

  • Students must complete the first 7 hours of Ethics Training by the end of the first year of their program.
  • Students should file copies all Ethics Approvals (over and above that needed for the Ethics Training component) with the department's Graduate Administrator.