This page lists our faculty members. You will find information regarding other academics (adjuncts, lecturers, emeriti), administrative staff, graduate students and alumni on each of their corresponding pages.
Stephanie Archer (Ph.D, University of Calgary)

Associate Professor
Infant speech perception, first language acquisition, psycholinguistics, phonetics, phonology.
Office: ASH 4-20, (780) 492-3480
E-mail: slarcher@ualberta.ca

Anja Arnhold (PhD, Goethe-University, Frankfurt)

Associate Professor
Prosody, phonology, phonetics, information structure, typology, Finnish, Inuit
Office: ASH 4-24, (780) 492-6912
E-mail: arnhold@ualberta.ca

Antti Arppe (PhD, University of Helsinki)

Associate Professor
Lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, statistical methods, exploiting multiple methods and sources of evidence.
Office: ASH 4-62, (780) 492-1935

David Beck  (PhD, University of Toronto)

Professor and Chair
Field linguistics, morphosyntax, typology, cognitive linguistics, areal diffusion, Native American languages, particularly Salishan and Totonacan.
Office: ASH 4-36A, (780) 492-5500
E-mail: dbeck@ualberta.ca

Marina Blekher (PhD, University of Alberta)

Teaching Professor
Bilingualism, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics.
Office: ASH 4-43, (780) 492-4970
E-mail: mblekher@ualberta.ca

Herbert L. Colston (PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz)

Pragmatics, psycholinguistics, figurative language, language development, psychology of language.
Office: ASH 4-60, (780) 492-8272
E-mail: colston@ualberta.ca

Evangelia Daskalaki (PhD, University of Cambridge)

Associate Professor
Heritage language acquisition, bilingualism, language typology, syntax, morphology, discourse-pragmatics, Greek
Office: ASH 4-61, (780) 248-1492
E-mail: daskalak@ualberta.ca

Martín Guardado (PhD, University of British Columbia)

Sociocultural linguistics, applied linguistics, heritage language socialization, discourse analysis, English for academic purposes
Office: ASH 4-44, (780) 492-0804
E-mail: guardado@ualberta.ca

Marianne Huijsmans (PhD, University of British Columbia)

Assistant Professor
Language documentation and revitalization; First Nations languages, especially Salish languages; semantics; syntax
Office: ASH 4-45, (780)492-5421
E-mail: huijsman@ualberta.ca

Juhani Järvikivi (PhD, University of Joensuu)

Professor and Director - Undergraduate Studies
Psycholinguistics, situated language comprehension, child language processing, discourse relations, spoken language, morphological processing.
Office: ASH 4-55, (780) 492-5697
E-mail: jarvikiv@ualberta.ca
Undergraduate Advising: lingugr@ualberta.ca

Jordan Lachler (PhD, University of New Mexico)

Associate Professor and CILLDI Director
Language documentation, language revitalization.
 ASH 1-50C, (780) 248-1179

Yvonne Lam (PhD, University of Toronto)

Associate Professor 
Sociolinguistics of multilingualism, including indigenous, heritage, and second/foreign languages; language ideologies and identities
Office: ASH4-41, (780) 492-0105
E-mail: yvonne.lam@ualberta.ca

Terry Nadasdi (PhD, University of Toronto)

Sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, Canadian French.
Office: ASH 4-26, (780) 492-9485
E-mail: terry.nadasdi@ualberta.ca

Johanne Paradis (PhD, McGill University)

Professor and Director - Graduate Studies
Second language, heritage language and bilingual acquisition in children, bilingual children with language and communication disorders.
Office: ASH 4-57, (780) 492-0805
E-mail: jparadis@ualberta.ca
Graduate advising: linggrad@ualberta.ca
Applications inquiries: lingapps@ualberta.ca

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (PhD, University of Western Ontario & Université
Lumière Lyon 2)

Associate Professor
Language documentation and revitalization, historical linguistics, linguistic typology, Amazonian languages, First Nations languages.
 ASH 4-22, (780) 492-5698
E-mail: jrosesla@ualberta.ca