Graduate Studies

The Department of Linguistics offers degree programs leading to either an MSc or a PhD in Linguistics. In addition to classes in the traditional core subjects of theoretical and descriptive linguistics, we also provide training in quantitative analysis and experimental design.

Research Projects

A key component of our graduate programs is the direct involvement of students with ongoing research projects in areas of faculty expertise such as:

  • Bilingualism, second language and heritage language acquisition in children
  • Child language and communication disorders
  • Corpus and quantitative Linguistics
  • Computational linguistics 
  • Discourse and multi-modality
  • Experimental phonetics
  • First language acquisition in infants and toddlers 
  • Heritage languages
  • Languages of the Americas
  • Language contact and language change
  • Language documentation, and revitalization
  • Language technology
  • Pragmatics and figurative language
  • Prosodic phonology
  • Psycholinguistic approaches to language comprehension and production, 
  • Child language processing, and individual differences 
  • Sociolinguistics and sociocultural linguistics 
  • Typology

Research Facilities + Laboratories

Students in our program have access to state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories:

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to teach students to combine experimentation and hands-on data collection with theoretical inquiry, and to provide practical training in the collection, analysis, and publication of data based on cutting-edge, original research.

The Associate Chair - Graduate Studies

The Associate Chair - Graduate Studies is the official representative of the department to its graduate students and is responsible for ensuring that all students receive adequate supervision and that all regulations and requirements of the Faculty governing the student's program are being met. The Associate Chair - Graduate Studies is available to assist you if academic, supervisory, personal, or employment difficulties or conflicts arise. The Associate Chair - Graduate Studies is:

Professor Johanne Paradis
Office: Assiniboia Hall 4-57
Phone: 780-492-0805
Office hours: by appointment

More Information

Specific information about being a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics can be found on this website.

More information on graduate studies at the University of Alberta is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) website.