New Course Offering

27 August 2012

Dr. Benjamin V. Tucker is offering a new course for Fall 2012.

PSYCO 405/LING 499: Speech Perception

In the Fall 2012 semester (TR 11am-12:20pm) I will be offering a
course on Speech Perception. This course is cross listed in two
departments (LING 499 and PSYCO 405) and can be registered for in
either department. The goal of this course is to introduce students to
the scientific evidence relating to the perception of speech sounds.
We will discuss classical and modern theories of speech perception and
the development of speech perception abilities. Building on this base,
we will also discuss issues of spoken word recognition. Prerequisite
for this course is either LING 205 or PSYCO 357.

Please contact the department for more information.