Responsive Curriculum

Ensuring our curriculum, objectives, delivery and evaluation are transparent, accessible, responsive to feedback, and undergo regular, formal review and improvement.

Five-year vision (January 1, 2027)

  • Medical Students, staff, faculty members and the communities that we serve report an understanding, sense of pride and ownership in the design and content of the MD program curriculum.

Three-year picture (January 1, 2025)

  • Curricular content in all sessions of all course is updated to reflect current evidenced-based best practices in medicine.
  • A live curricular roadmap allows students, staff, and instructors to track an individual student’s progress in achieving program objectives.
  • Clinical and academic instructors are supported, retained and valued, based on closer engagement with the CMU, and faculty development for teaching in medical education.
  • Learning spaces and curriculum delivery strategies are diversified to reflect the communities that we serve through the educational support and training of students who identify with underrepresented and marginalized populations.

One-year plan (January 1, 2023)

  • A searchable curriculum map shows relationships between session, course, and program level objectives, and the user interface and experience meets the needs of the students, staff, faculty, and community partners.
  • A new integrated curriculum management unit (CMU) provides oversight of the curriculum map, and supports instructors, staff, course coordinators, and curricular committees.
  • A new evaluation unit is integrated into curricular committees allowing purposeful collection of feedback, transparency in program status, and timely, data-driven decision making.

Possible metrics

  • Annual surveys of students, staff, faculty members and community partners regarding their experience with the medical school and the curricular content.
  • GQ (ASQ) & Alumni Survey regarding how their education prepared them for clerkship, residency, and career.
  • Instructor retention and turnover.
  • Annual measures from Program Evaluation Framework