Educational Technology

Implementing a robust and well-designed program delivery and curriculum management system (PDCMS) that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

Five-year vision (January 1, 2027)

  • The MD Program has a highly functional, seamless, adaptive and responsive PDCMS and technology infrastructure.

Three-year picture (January 1, 2025)

  • The PDCMS is built and implemented as a single seamless system, based first on the rural learning and work environment.
  • The PDCMS has a customer-based interface, built and supported by individuals with expertise in systems analysis and software.
  • Appropriate use of AI, Simulation, and Machine Learning strategies enhance learning, assessment and program evaluation.
  • Digital resources enable greater engagement between the MD program, community teachers and students, especially those who face barriers.

One-year plan (January 1, 2023)

  • A needs assessment with recommendations is completed, based on extensive stakeholder engagement, ensuring equitable remove access.
  • The hybrid learning environment model is permanently established to address remote learning needs and enable a rich and engaging learning experience.
  • Human resources are secured to build and maintain the PDCMS.

Possible activities to help us deliver Vision 2025

  • Baseline and annual surveys on functionality, user interface, user experience, and satisfaction.