Generalism & Adaptive Practice

Redefining how medical education is delivered so that our graduates exemplify the profession identity formation, adaptability, and readiness for clinical practice in the varied settings encountered by generalists.

Five-year vision (January 1, 2027)

  • University of Alberta graduates are grounded in generalist training as caring, collaborative, and adaptable physicians.

Three-year picture (January 1, 2025)

  • Medical students use early self-assessment and adaptive learning strategies to address personal learning needs.
  • Pre-clinical courses are organized by themes rather than by professional disciplines, and reflected in the course leadership model.
  • Pre-clinical course objectives and content is revised through the lens of generalism and enhanced experiential learning.
  • A new clinical skills course element, encompassing physical exam and communications content, is established.
  • Competency-based medical education in clerkship, with appropriate faculty development, is fully implemented.

One-year plan (January 1, 2023)

  • Longitudinal integrated themes are moved into curricular blocks to promote appropriate rendering of knowledge into clinical decision-making.
  • Expand to three longitudinal Communities of Learning including Research.
  • Program learning objectives to emphasize generalism and adaptive practice.

Possible metrics

  • Participation rates in Communities of Learning.
  • Student reporting on adaptive learning strategies.
  • CaRMS Match Results including proportion choosing generalist careers.
  • Proportion of generalists in clinical practice who participate as teachers in the MD program.