Vision Mission Values


To lead patient-centered eye care through outstanding and integrated service, education, research and leadership development.


A multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals committed to furthering excellence in the care of patients with visual disorders through:

  • provision of a comprehensive range of services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of visual disorders;
  • provision of undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate training in ophthalmology, and continuing medical education opportunities;
  • translational vision science, and
  • development of effective partnerships with organizations in Canada and abroad

Values and Principles

  1. Patients first - accessible, comprehensive, efficient, and high quality care. Ensure an outstanding patient care experience every time.
  2. Sharing knowledge freely and generating new knowledge that can be applied to improve the quality of life for patients.
  3. High performance team based leadership:
  • Collegial, collaborative
  • Engaged in pursuing our goals and clearly communicating them
  • Anticipating issues and respond to change thoughtfully
  • Stewarding resources (human, financial, physical, other)
  • Accountable to patients, members of the department and other stakeholders