Resources, Forms and Guidelines

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Resident Resources

Resident Training Manual

Faculty Contacts for Residents

Residency Call Requirements

Maternity/Parental Leave Reference Guide

RWBC Maternity and Parental Leave Checklist

Teaching Videos

Residency Financial Assistance Guide

Evaluation Forms

Leave of Absence Request & PARA Forms

Resident Leave Request Form

PGME Leave of Absence Form - maternity, paternity, medical, compassionate, educational, and unpaid leave

AHS Leave Request Form - (must be completed for any leave request that isn't vacation leave)

Ophthalmology On Call Return to Site Form


Elective Forms

Resident Outgoing Elective Form

Ophthalmology Form Elective Objectives

Travel Forms and Instructions

As part of the ongoing safety initiative UGo -- we are asking that you please ensure you are registering for all work/research/education related off-campus travel.

This is in place to help you should you find yourself in a personal emergency or are caught in a regional crisis such as a natural disaster. By telling us such things as your destination, emergency contact and insurance information, we are better able to assist you in an emergency.

Open Ualberta-Horizons to register your off-campus travel. Please create a new account by pressing the Create An Account button under the Student/Staff Login. NOTE: You will need to create a unique password to sign in. Once you've created an account you will be able to log into the system. After signing in, Under 'Quicklinks' click on "UGo Registration Here" and you will be redirected.

Resident Travel and Professional Development Request Form

U of A Non-Employee Travel Expense Claim Form and Instructions

General Guidelines for Travel and Expense Requests

How to Complete an Expense Claim in Peoplesoft

Policies and Guidelines

PARA Agreement *NEW 2018*

RCPSC - Policy Paper - Intimidation/Harassment

Resident Transfer Policy

Remediation Policy for Residents

Policy on Leave Of Absence(LOA) from Resident Training

Policy on Waiver of Training following Approved LOA

Policy on Resident Safety

Allocation of Resident Research Days - Guidelines/Policy