Models of Precepting

Experiential education in Pharmacy has mainly followed a traditional 1:1 model of one preceptor mentoring one student in the practice environment. As we advance the practice of precepting, quality of placement experiences and identify strategies to increase capacity, various novel models of precepting have been explored and initiated. These are supported by evidence in the literature from various other health professions and within the pharmacy profession.

These descriptions, links to resources and documents are intended to support sites and preceptors as you explore, consider, plan and implement non traditional models of precepting into your practice. Please contact your Faculty Liaison with any questions and for support in this area.

Pharmacists at AHS/Covenant were surveyed to quantify the use of novel precepting models used in experiential training of student pharmacists, their advantages and challenges, strategies to address challenges and supports needed for implementation. The results are presented in this poster.