Certificate to Canadian Pharmacy Practice

The Certificate to Canadian Pharmacy Practice (CCPP) is designed to build upon and further develop the knowledge and skills of internationally educated pharmacist graduates (IEPGs) to prepare them to be competent and confident practitioners prepared to enter pharmacy practice in Alberta or elsewhere in Canada.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) have partnered to develop a comprehensive bridging program for internationally educated pharmacist graduates (IEPGs).

Graduates will be prepared to provide quality and safe patient-centred care in Alberta’s dynamic healthcare environment, as well as diverse settings across Canada’s healthcare system. The program prepares graduates to be future leaders and lifelong learners who will:

  • Meet the health needs of patients by taking responsibility for medication management of common conditions and diseases;
  • Apply their expertise in knowledge of medications (including access to medications) and disease management when providing patient care;
  • Work effectively in independent, intraprofessional, collaborative, and interprofessional team-based health care delivery models;
  • Demonstrate effective and culturally safe communication with families, communities, populations, and health team members;
  • Advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Canadian healthcare system, when providing care, and in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action;
  • Educate patients, the public, and other health care professionals regarding medication therapy to treat and prevent diseases and maintain wellness;
  • Advocate for and support patient decision making regarding medication therapy;
  • Manage daily pharmacy practice, compounding, and distribution of medications;
  • Anticipate change and continually adapt to meet challenges of professional practice;
  • Advance pharmacists’ professional contributions in the health care system, the profession, and society throughout their careers;
  • Fulfill ethical, legal, and professional obligations to the profession, the community, and society at large;
  • Prepare for the development of further expertise in pharmacy practice and patient care.

Alberta has the broadest scope of practice for pharmacists in the world.

Many services that once required an appointment with a family doctor can now be provided by an Albertan pharmacist, including provision of health advice, precision medicine, disease screening, injections and vaccinations, prescriptions and referrals.

In Alberta, pharmacy is much more than dispensing pills. Our faculty serves a transformative role with research and education that drives policy decisions, implementation, and support for an integral new approach to healthcare as we educate future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Apply today!