The Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) is responsible for all requirements, processes, and decisions pertaining to the registration of pharmacists in Alberta. The University cannot advise in this regard. Please refer to the ACP website for current information and to obtain support related to Applying to ACP.

CCPP Program Enrolment

Who Should Enrol?

  • Internationally educated pharmacist graduates (IEPGs) who are planning to become a clinical pharmacist in Alberta
    • IEPGs are required to enrol in the CCPP program to be eligible for the ACP provisional pharmacist register
    • IEPGs may wish to complete the CCPP program prior to registering as a provisional pharmacist with ACP
    • All other pharmacist registration requirements in Alberta, such as Structured Practical Training (SPT), are defined and administered by ACP
  • Other IEPGs
    • IEPGs may wish to complete the CCPP program with an intention to enter pharmacy practice elsewhere within Canada
    • Enrolment or completion of the CCPP program alone, however, is not sufficient to become a practicing pharmacist in Canada. All other regional licensure guidelines and requirements still apply as per the NAPRA Pharmacists' Gateway Canada
  • Canadian-Trained Pharmacists
    • Completion of the CCPP program is also a good option for Canadian-trained pharmacists intending to return to practice after a long absence
    • CCPP program graduates and Canadian-trained BScPharm graduates can also consider the Faculty's PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists degree program to obtain advanced education in patient care

What are the Enrolment Requirements?

  • Pharmacy Degree (transcript showing degree granted from a recognized institution)
  • Successful Completion of the PEBC Evaluating Exam
  • English Language Proficiency
    • Most IEPGs will be required to provide current documentation (within the last 2 years) indicating the same English Language Proficiency standards as defined by NAPRA and required by ACP. Some exemptions may apply depending on the country or institution where previous studies were completed
  • Study and Post-graduation Work Permits

When Can I Start?

  • The program starts in Fall term (September) each year. Please see the Courses + Schedule page for more details

How Do I Apply?

  • Once you have all of the required documentation ready, potential learners should begin the enrolment process by filling out the First Steps form. Upon submission of the First Steps form, verified applicants will receive further instructions closer to the applicable enrolment deadline
  • The enrolment deadline for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is August 1st of each year. The enrolment deadline for individuals who will require a study permit for the brief in-person component of the program is May 1st of each year
  • All required admission documents must be submitted and processed before the enrolment deadline. Therefore, please complete the First Steps form and be prepared to submit ALL required documents at least 1 week prior to the applicable enrolment deadline