Outstanding Pharmacy Alumni Award

The Outstanding Pharmacy Alumni Award was created in 2014 to celebrate accomplished alumni in recognition of their outstanding contributions to their professions, their communities, to society at large, or to the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.


Sheila Kelcher, BSc Pharm 1970, retired Clinical Pharmacist and Faculty Member


Dr. K. Wayne Hindmarsh, BSc Pharm, MSc, PhD 1970, retired Hospital Pharmacist, Professor, and Dean


Dr. Robert Foster, Class of 1985, PhD '88, Chief Scientific Officer, ContraVir Pharmaceuticals & adjunct professor


Dr. Donald Perrier, Class of 1967, MSc '70, author, educator, retired Professor and Dean


Melissa Hozack, Class of 2001, Clinical Pharmacist and coach

Ron Pohar, Class of 1995, Clinical Pharmacist & educator


Rosemary Bacovsky, Class of 1977, MPharm 1985, Pioneer, Advocate, retired Pharmacist

Shirley Heschuk, Class of 1964, MSc '67, Retired Faculty member & Pharmacist


Michael Bain, Class of 1971, Owner/Curator, Castor Pharmacy Museum

Gregory Eberhart, Class of 1971, Registrar, Alberta College of Pharmacy

Cecilia Laskoski, Class of 1970, Hospital Pharmacist & Preceptor

Dr. John McNeill, Class of 1960, MSc 1962, Dean & Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia

Dr. Franco Pasutto, Class of 1972, PhD 1978, Dean & Professor Emeritus

Nancy Rae, Class Of 1969, Retired Faculty member & Pharmacist