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During placements, issues may arise that require clarification from faculty members. We encourage preceptors, managers and students to contact the designated faculty member from your specific area of practice as soon as possible for assistance. If you are unsure who to contact, email the Experiential Education Office to be directed to the appropriate person.

Experiential Education Office
2-53 Medical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
8613-114 Street
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2H7
Tel: 780.492.3362
Fax: 780.492.1217
*For all general inquiries

Dr. Ann Thompson
Assistant Dean, Experiential Education
Course Coordinator of 2nd year Introductory Practice Experience in Hospital Practice and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in Y4
Clinical Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.5905

Dr. Renette Bertholet
Community Practice Faculty Liaison
Course Coordinator, 1st Year Introductory Practice Experience in Community Pharmacy
Clinical Assistant Professor
Tel: 780.492.8066

Tara Leslie
PharmD Course Coordinator (Pharm 515)
Clinical Assistant Professor
Tel: 403.818.7490

Michelle MacDonald
Joint position with Alberta Health Services, Pharmacy Services
Clinical Assistant Professor
Tel: 403.980.7459 /403.561.6278 (mobile)

Jody Shkrobot
Clinical Assistant Professor
Course Coordinator, 4th year Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Community Pharmacy

Candace Necyk
Clinical Associate Professor
Course Coordinator, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (Pharm 511-514) with PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists Program
Tel: 780.492.8452