High School Physics Experiments

The Program

High School Physics Experiments is an outreach program offered by the physics department to high school students who are taking physics 30. Teachers are invited to bring their classes to our labs, where students will perform three experiments: Spectroscopic Analysis of Hydrogen (Balmer Series), e/m ratio (Thompson's Experiment) and a choice of either radiation/Geiger counter or Superconductivity demo. Teachers do not need to prepare as an instructor will be available to run the program. However, teachers will be expected to remain with their classes during the session. The program runs twice a year: in December/January and in May/June. The cost per session is $200.00 and we usually accommodate 25 students in each session. Small classes can share a session and split the cost. 

How to Apply

Teachers will receive a letter of invitation via email prior to each program with all the details, including the day when registration will open. Booking is done on-line using the Electronic Booking Form


Payment is made by cheque, cash, or credit card . If paying by a cheque, make the cheque payable to the Department of Physics, University of Alberta. Teachers may mail in the cheque or bring it to the Physics Department on the day of the session.  Cash is also accepted as a method of payment. If paying by credit card, contact Dr. Isaac Isaac . All payments will be officially receipted. 


All sessions take place in the Physics Department, currently housed in the CCIS Building. Physics Undergraduate Laboratories are located on the second Basement. Different experiments are done in different rooms, however, room CCIS L2-144 is the typical meeting room where our instructors will meet with the teacher and their students 


There is free bus parking available at the North West corner of the Jubilee auditorium (see the attached map and look for the yellow P mark). Students and teachers may be dropped off/picked up by the Stadium Car Park (next to Student Union Building).