Bachelor of Arts/ Science - Minor Political Science (2021-2022)

General Information

Rrequirements for the Minor in Political Science were revised. See Archive Copy - Minor in Political Science to view this page prior to the amendments.

This minor is commonly taken as part of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, which has additional regulations and requirements.

Students from other programs should note the regulations and requirements on their own program page.


For a minor in Political Science, students must have at least 15 at the senior level, including the following:

6 minimum in POL S courses at the 200-level, including 3 from:

6 minimum from:

  • 300-level or 400-level


POL S 101 is the prerequisite for most 200-level POL S courses, and 300- and 400-level courses presuppose specific 200-level prerequisites.  These 200-level POL S courses do not have a prerequisite:

  • POL S 237 - Introduction to Chinese Politics
  • POL S 298 - Topics in Political Science
  • POL S 299 - Citizenship for Democracy

To change your Major or Minor or declare a Certificate, use the relevant form in the Faculty of Arts Forms Cabinet. The FAQs page has lots of answers, too.

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