2015-2016 Course Listings

Important changes to the 200 level course offerings

General Course Information

  • POL S 101 is the prerequisite for all second-year POL S courses except POL S 221 and POL S 299. First-year Political Science majors and minors, or people who are considering Political Science, should take POLS 101. Be sure to see a Political Science undergraduate advisor if, due to your unique situation, you are not certain whether you should take POL S 101.
  • 200-level POL S courses are not generally intended for first year students. Students typically begin taking 200-level core courses in their second year, or at least after completing POL S 101.
  • Most 300-level and 400-level courses have specific 200-level or 300-level prerequisites.
  • Most 300 and 400-level 'topics' and 'issues' course may be taken more than once if the course content is different from year to year, or section to section. Contact a POL S advisor before registering for the same course twice to make sure that the course is eligible.
  • All 500 and 600-level course are restricted to Graduate Students

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration and for ensuring their programs are in accordance with degree specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: Course listings are not necessarily final. Check this website often, changes will be made as new information on instructors, course descriptions, course additions or course cancellations becomes available.

Detailed information on selecting and registering in courses using Beartracks can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.