Teaching, Research & Mentoring Awards

The Department of Political Science is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring. The department is recognized nationally and internationally for its passionate commitment to student learning and training.

Royal Society of Canada Fellows

  • Andy Knight

Henry Marshall Tory Chair

Named for Henry Marshall Tory, the first President of the University, Tory Chairholders are outstanding individuals who by their presence will enhance the reputation of the University. The Chairs are expected to: i) have made internationally recognized contributions in their fields; ii) bring to the University exceptional capabilities in scholarship, teaching, and creative activities; iii) be senior leaders at the University; and, iv) present a positive profile for research, scholarship, and creative activities both internally and externally. The Tory Chair program focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

  • 2019: Cressida Heyes

Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award

This award is for graduate students who are considered outstanding teachers

  • 2019: Daisy Raphael, PhD candidate, Political Science

Lauréate de la Foundation Pierre Elliot Trudeau 2018 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Fellow

  • 2018: Malinda Smith

Viola Desmond Awards Honouree, 10th Annual Viola Desmond Award

  • 2018: Malinda Smith

The Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Instituted at the University of Alberta in 1982, the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is the University's premier teaching award. Its purpose is to recognize teaching excellence publicly, to publicize such excellence to the University and the wider community, to encourage the pursuit of such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement at the University of Alberta. Any full-time continuing academic staff member, who has completed a minimum of five years of teaching at the University of Alberta is eligible.

  • 2017: Catherine Kellogg

Innis-Gérin Medal

For a distinguished and sustained contribution to the literature of the social sciences
  • Janine Brodie

Distinguished University Professor

Awarded to members of the University academic staff who have achieved outstanding distinction in each of the areas of teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and service
  • 2011: Janine Brodie, FRSC, Political Science