2021 Speaker Series and Upcoming Events Information
January 29, 2021: Right Turn? The Rise of Conservatism in the Americas Presents: Graham Thomson (Political Columnist, CBC)



2020 Speaker Series and Events

Missed our Fall 2020 Talks? See Below for the recorderd version. 

"The Politics of Academic Restructuring at the University of Alberta"  (September 16, 2020)  WATCH VIDEO
A critical discussion of the 'University of Alberta for Tomorrow' process and its broader political contexts, featuring Ricardo Acuña (AASUA), Laurie Adkin (Political Science), Andy Knight (Political Science), Prachi Mishra (NASA), Sourayan Mookerjea (Sociology), and Fiona Nicoll (Political Science).
"COVID Time: A Roundtable" (September 24, 2020) WATCH VIDEO


Kim Tallbear, "A Sharpening of the Already Present: An Indigenous Materialist Reading of Settler Apocalypse 2020"
Friday, October 9, 3:00-4:00   WATCH VIDEO



Rob Nichols, "Theft is Property: Dispossession and Critical Theory" with responses from Isabel Altamirano, Cressida Heyes, and Jakeet Singh, October 27


Universal Design in Higher Education: Gaps and Possibilities of Online Teaching [video coming soon]
October 30, 2:00-3:30 pm
What has Universal Design become in Canadian higher education? Do the people who use the term know what it means or what it might look like? Or does Universal Design have only a performative function, divorced from the lived experience of disability, separate from the exigencies and the limitations of the classroom? As Universal Design gets mentioned and referenced more, has higher education actually become less accessible? 

Keynote Jay Dolmage, Professor of English, University of Waterloo, an international expert on access and academic ableism will answer these questions in a 30 minute presentation. Brief responses will be shared by Ada Jaarsma (Professor, Philosophy, Mount Royal University), Lindsay Eales (Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta) and Matt Wildcat (Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Alberta) before an open discussion with participants.
Reflecting on the US Election: A Roundtable
Thursday, November 5, 3:30-5:00 pm   WATCH VIDEO


Featuring Nermin Allam (Rutgers), Greg Anderson (UAlberta), Monty Bal (UAlberta), Russell Cobb (UAlberta), Judy Garber (UAlberta), Mariam Georgis (U Manitoba), and Kim Tallbear (UAlberta).


Free Expression on Campus: Public Policy Responses to the Alleged ‘Crisis' 

Monday, November 16, 3:30-5:00  WATCH VIDEO


A roundtable featuring Samir Gandesha (Simon Fraser University), Richard Moon (University of Windsor), Katja Thieme (UBC), and Cara Zwibel (Canadian Civil Liberties Association), moderated by Dax D'Orazio (University of Alberta)


Roundtable on Teaching and Learning During Pandemic
Friday, November 27, 3:30-5:00. WATCH VIDEO



University instructors, grads, and undergrads offer lightning talks on the politics and pedagogies of distanced higher education during pandemic, followed by discussion. There'll be a pause for those who need to leave after the first hour to do so.