Certificate In Peace & Post Conflict Studies (2021-2022)

General Information

In a global climate of conflict, fear and insecurity, the issue of building sustainable peace in countries that have undergone the ravages of conflict is of vital importance to policy makers and academics alike. This unique certificate in Peace and Post-Conflict Studies, will equip students from a number of Faculties and disciplines with knowledge of the complexity of instituting measures that address underlying sources of conflict and provide them with hands-on practical approaches to sustaining peace. The peace and post-conflict studies certificate is especially useful for those seeking a career in government, international governmental organizations (IGO), non-governmental organizations (NGO) and legal and business firms.

This certificate may be pursued while fulfilling existing requirements in their respective disciplines.

  • Offered by: The Department of Political Science
  • For further information: Consult the certificate advisor, Dr. Siobhan Byrne, scbyrne@ualberta.ca

Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in Peace and Post-Conflict Studies must declare their intention through Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts. To be awarded the certificate, students must apply though Bear Tracks by the application deadline for graduation (see Academic Schedule).

Certificate Requirements

27, including 21 at the senior level, from the following courses:


*Please contact the PPC Advisor, Political Science, for eligibility of topics courses. 

  1. Beginning 2020-2021, POL S 464 - Gender, and Security has replaced POL S 459 - Topics in International Politics: Gender, Conflict and Security.   
  2. Some courses offered recently have been approved for application towards the certificate although they are not in the CalendarContact the certificate advisor or Arts Undergraduate Student Services to confirm which courses count towards the certificate.

To change your Major or Minor or declare a Certificate, use the relevant form in the Faculty of Arts Forms Cabinet The FAQs page has lots of answers, too.