Message to Japanese Students at U of A

The PTJC and JAGSA's response to the recent events in Japan; information on counseling and funding services, news sources, and fundraising efforts.

15 March 2011

Dear Japanese students at the University of Alberta,

The Japanese Association for Graduate Students at Alberta, along with other student groups on campus, sincerely hope that your family and friends in Japan are safe and well. It is a very difficult for all of us, but we hope you are staying strong! Here is some information that we thought it may be helpful.

Japanese counseling service

Maki Sakata, a registered graduate student of social work, has kindly offered Japanese counseling service. If you are interested in, please contact her directly.
Maki Sakata, BSW, RSW

Free NHK news TV(until 17th)

Cable companies are providing Japan TV for free, and you can watch Japanese NHK news in Edmonton. It's channel 514 for SHAW, and channel 540 for TELUS.

Free TBS news on the Internet

You can watch TBS streaming on the Internet free at

Emergency loans and bursaries fund

You maybe be eligible to loan money to travel to Japan for a short stay. For details, please check the website and contact the international student center (172 HUB international).


If you would like to help in charity events, please visit




Maki Sakata, BSW, RSW


テレビケーブル会社各社が、テレビジャパンを短期の間無料で放映しています。日本語でのNHKニュースを見ることができます。SHAWではチャンネル514, TELUS ではチャンネル 540 です。




緊急に日本に帰国されるのに費用が必要な方は、アルバータ大学の留学生センター(172 HUB international)にご連絡ください。費用を借りることができる可能性があります。