Exchange Opportunities

The University of Alberta, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Japan offer programs for students and teachers to study and teach in Japan.


University of Alberta Programs

Education Abroad (U of A International)

The Education Abroad Program provides University of Alberta students with the opportunity to spend a summer, a term or a year at one of their formal partner universities in Japan (Chiba U, Hokkaido U, Shizuoka U, ICU, Meiji U, Sophia U). These reciprocal exchange agreements allow U of A students to pay tuition to the U of A while studying Japan. Various awards and scholarships are available as well. Contact Education Abroad for details.


Government of Alberta Programs

Learning Information Service (ALIS) Language Teacher Bursary Program

This program will assist certified Alberta teachers in taking a summer post-secondary program in a language (other than English) or language pedagogy course at an institution outside of Canada. Further details can be found here.

Alberta Government Educator Exchange Program
This program provides an international professional development opportunity in which participants exchange assignments but remain in the service of their regular employers, maintaining salary and benefit status. Details on the programs can be found here.


Government of Japan Programs

MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education) Nihongo/Nihonbunka Kenshu
  • One year (October - September in the following year).
  • Advanced-level (300-level and up) Japanese is required.
  • You will study in one of the following institutions: Shizuoka U, Hokkaido U, or Chiba U.
  • Scholarship provided (142,500 yean or about 1,600 Canadian dollars per month).
  • Air fare and some preparation cost will also be covered.
  • Some conditions apply.
  • Contact Education Abroad for details.
Japan Foundation Nihongo Seiseki Yuushuusha Kenshuu Program (Study Tour for Outstanding Students of Japanese Language)

An opportunity for a two-week-long trip to Japan. The information regarding this program will be announced once we hear from the Japanese consulate. Please contact the Department of East Asian Studies for details.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme

This program invites young college and university graduates from overseas to participate in international exchange and foreign language education throughout Japan.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program for Foreign Students
  • 6 months or 1 year long stay study in Japan.
  • No requirement as to the level of Japanese.
  • You will study in one of the following institutions:
  • Chiba U, Hokkaido U, Shizuoka U, ICU, Meiji U, Sophia U
  • Scholarship provided (80,000 yen or about 1,000 Canadian dollars per month).
  • Airfare is also provided.
  • Some conditions apply.
  • No application is required. You must be nominated by the Education Abroad Program to study abroad at one of the above listed universities and nominated to receive the JASSO Scholarship. The host university will make the final decisions about the JASSO award once you have been nominated. Contact Education Abroad for details.