MIRROR/MIRROR: Documenting the Edge of Contemporary Printmaking—CANADA/JAPAN

29 January 2024

If you’re in Kyoto, Japan during the months of January through March, there’s an exhibition of printmaking that you don't want to miss!

MIRROR/MIRROR: Documenting the Edge of Contemporary Printmaking—CANADA/JAPAN
"This exhibition aims to place the artists’ works in a situation like two mirrors placed facing each other, where the two bodies of work can be reflected, illuminate each other’s approach, and inspect each other deeply, and where this can be shown to a wide audience. Through learning about the current state of print art in Japan and Canada and its history this year, which marks the ninety-fifth anniversary of friendship between  our two countries, we hope this show will further deepen understanding between the cultures of Japan and Canada, situated on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean."
The exhibition includes work by University of Alberta professors Sean Caulfield (Centennial Professor), Liz Ingram  (Distinguished University Professor Emerita), and Walter Jule (Professor Emeritus).

First period: Jan 17–Feb 12, 2024
Second period: Feb 17–Mar 17, 2024

kyoto ddd gallery(京都dddギャラリー)

Website: https://www.dnpfcp.jp/gallery/ddd_e/